miércoles, 5 de agosto de 2009

Sterling Traders Ltd will NOT be affected by the new NFA regulations.

City of London, Date: 1st August 2009 — There is an answer to the new restrictive rules placed on traders by the NFA.

As of Monday the 3rd August 2009 The National Futures Association (NFA) new regulations come into effect. This is about FIFO (First in, first out), in other words, when a trader opens more than one position in the same currency (very important for hedging purposes), the trader must then close the positions in the order they were opened. If a trader opened a trade for in the EUR/USD currency for example, then continued to open other positions in the EUR/USD currency, that first position needs to be closed before any subsequent positions the trader opened are closed. Forex traders will no longer have the ability to selectively place stop-loss or limit orders on individual trades, nor will traders be able to modify or close trades from the “Open Positions” window.
There is an answer to this, the most obvious one being to use a broker outside the United States and therefore Not regulated by the NFA. Sterling Traders Ltd use FXCM in the UK which is part of the FXCM group but licenced by the UK's FSA (Financial Services Authority). This permits Sterling Traders Ltd to trade as before, making maximum use of the market. “One of the main reason for selecting FXCM in the UK was for their high level of security, customer service and transparency but with the benefits of operating outside the US area of regulatory authority”, says Stephen Lord Harrison, CEO at Sterling Traders Ltd, a London based forex management company.

domingo, 28 de diciembre de 2008

Diamond Forex account now available to the public

After years of experience and months of real life testing, The Diamond Forex Managed Account operated by Sterling Traders Ltd of London, is now available to the general public.

The Diamond Account is designed to appeal to clients that are looking for long term capital growth with a limited downside risk. Utilizing the latest currency trading technologies various trading companies that offer managed accounts are able to offer the highest quality of professional services while at the same time, remaining flexible and cost effective for its forex clients.

According to Stephen lord Harrison MBA, CEO of Sterling Traders Ltd, a London based fund management company “Our managed funds program was created by our own profitable, market tested professionals with an emphasis on risk management using appropriate stop loss and strict money management policies.”

Our managed accounts have more conservative money management rules, so we expect the returns to be between 60% and 120% per annum.”

For additional information, Contact:
The CEO, Stephen Lord Harrison MBA at admin@sterling-traders.com
Visit Sterling Traders Ltd at: www.sterling-traders.com

viernes, 19 de septiembre de 2008

Up to date information

Forming Sterling Traders Ltd in London.
Sterling Traders Ltd is a wholly privately held company, registered at Companies House, London, England is rapidly becoming a leading financial services provider in the region and abroad. The main area of expertise is trading in the Foreign exchange (Forex) market as well as bespoke investments in gold and diamond mining (see www.tgmining.net.ms). Sterling Traders Ltd are also specialists in the offshore protection field, setting up and managing offshore companies and account to maximize profits and reduce national tax and legal liability.

Sterling Traders Ltd. is a privately held subsidiary of Sterling Traders Holding Ltd (Gibraltar) and a member of the Sterling Group of Companies, a group of international, private companies founded by Stephen Lord Harrison. With more than two decades of business and financial experience, Lord Harrison is a leader in identifying superior global investment opportunities in various sectors.Sterling Traders Ltd is headquartered in London, England with additional corporate offices located in Barcelona, Bogota, and Accra

domingo, 17 de agosto de 2008

Stephen Lord Harrison

Stephen Lord Harrison was born in Huddersfield, England on the 19th May 1961. Only son of Philip and Freda Harrison. Philip was serving in the British army so Stephen moved extensively, living in places such as Malaya and Germany. Stephen attended 30 primary schools, 18 secondary schools (including Bideford Grammer School) and 2 colleges of further education (Mid Cornwall College of F.E. and North Gloucester College of F.E.). He gained 8 "O" levels and 3 "A" levels.

Royal Navy career

Stephen joined the Royal Navy in 1978 and trained as a naval officer at Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth. Passing out in 1979. He also earned his degree in mathematics through Exeter University. Stephen also gained his Bridge Watchkeeping Certificate and Ocean Navigation Certificate to manage the 20,000 ton ship and it´s 1,100 crew.
After the Royal Navy
After leaving the Royal Navy stephen worked for a national airline as a pilot flying the Bae 146 regional jet and also opened a hotel, with his first wife, Karen, specialising in the support of offshore workers. After his divorce Stephen became a Financial and business consultant based in the UK licenced under the Financial Services Act and holding a Consumer Credit Licence, offering a full range of financial products, loans, mortgages, insurance, business and marketing plans. Organised sales and marketing training courses with sales groups up to 40 staff. Recruited and trained sales teams from door to door teams to invididual large account managers. Implementation and monitoring of results. Gave presentation at board level and to institutions. Clients included: a university, a national charity, construction companies, hotels, retailers, car hire, home improvement and network marketing companies.
When the regional airline was bought by a major international airline, Stephen transferred to Holland and flew Boeing 767-300ER ETOPS (Extended Twin Operations) as a Captain. His principle routes were to Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, and the Dutch Antilles.

In Colombia
After many trips to South America, Stephen worked for the Colombian government as an advisor and instructor
Subsequently, Lord Harrison started Sterling Investments Ltda with Norman Rojas in Bogota, Colombia. Responsible for raising investment funds and planning and implementing investments. Liaised with government departments for import and export deals within a strict framework of controls. Carried out in-depth investigations of various international markets, such as Forex, gold, diamonds, sugar and coffee. Made trips to factories and mines in Africa and South America. Produced and taught courses in english and spanish to groups of businessmen and public funcionaries of up to 200 people in english, business english, marketing (on-line and off-line), investments, business start-ups and accounting.

Recent work
Lord Harrison is CEO of Sterling Investments Ltda in Colombia, Trans-Global Mining and Farms Ltd in Ghana and Supersonic Training in Spain.
He has worked with:
Citadel Commerce, a Canadian online payment company,
SAP, a German software company,
Ako-Nobel, a Dutch paint manufacturer,
Media Markt, a Spanish electrical goods retailer,
Tech Data, a Spanish software provider,
Inter-Continental Trading, a Ghanian trading company,
Governments of the UK, Ghana, Uganda, and Colombia.

Lord Harrison gained his MBA from Phoenix University in 2007.
Lord Harrison is married to his second wife, Martha.